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TODO all this site ;)

Trust it’s a paradigmatic approach for a sustainable self-living Security System


Technical Skills

Risk Management with Graphs

JIRA and Risk Management with Graphs - Open Security Summit 2018

Shared WAF

Web Application Firewall (WAF) shared and free:

User ->> CloudFlare: GET /index.php (SSL term)
CloudFlare ->> WAF_t2_micro: GET /index.php (Web Security)
WAF_t2_micro ->> Server: GET /index.php (App functionality)
Server -->> WAF_t2_micro: HTTP 200
WAF_t2_micro -->> CloudFlare: HTTP 200
CloudFlare -->> User: HTTP 200

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#Do not forget when the time will come :)
sudo rm -rf /;

Risk Management


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Sotiraki Sima

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